• Monica Ngov

How to use research findings in iterative design

Our Goal

Test concepts for a planning-centric, mobile app for Northwestern Mutual clients, that would lead to increased engagement and repeat visits.


Qualitative, Concept Testing

Users were presented with 3 different concepts in random order and asked to give their impressions about the information displayed.

The concepts were intended to help the client

  • Adhere to a simple, loosely outlined budget,

  • Inform the user of the the correct amounts and goals to

  • Purchasing products that lay the foundation for financial security.

Users were then asked to rate the concepts and describe why they preferred them.

In addition to the initial report, I observed every session and created a deliverable intended for designers. While users were asked to rate concepts as a whole, they often described individual components that could be improved upon and combined with various other concepts. Therefore, each component was thoroughly documented, noting intent, results, and possible changes.

The process for setting up these grids and layers was aided by use of nested symbols, layer and text styles, and the Anima auto-layout app. The Magic Mirror app automated test screen replication.

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